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BRAZIL - IBOVESPA SAO PAULO - If it close below 33000 two days in a row, then it may come down to 19000+

Opinion for FTSE 100

UK - FTSE 100 - Twelve years low was 3278. Friday close was 3932. It may going to take support around that twelve years low. But it close this year below that level, downtrend may continue another several years.

Opinion for NIKKEI 225

JAPAN - NIKKEI 225 - Twenty five years low was 7600. Friday Close was 8276. So this year if it close below 7600, God only can save the Japan Stock Market.

Opinion for DOW

U.S.A. - Dow Jones Industrial Average - 7000+ will be the support. But.. But... If it close this year below 7000, then it may going to trade three digit figures (ie., below 1000) in coming year(s).


NIFTY - Most probably Yesterday Low of 3199 or coming week low may be the bottom-out for the recent fall. From here we may expect a very decent pull-back that may go upto 3800 or 4050. It may be in a jig-jack pattern. Nov.08 may be the upside month and next fall may starts once again in Dec. 08. In that fall it may touch 2800. That may be the final fall for this downtrend market which was started at 6357 on Jan.'08. (Please refer my Opinion posted on 27th January 2008 titled as VISSION or MISSION) But.. But... If it close below 2800 for two or three days in a row then next stop may be 2000-1800. After all, It is my Opinion only.