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Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (887)  - Posted on 09th Feb and now repeat the same  Hope and Support 895--875 But trade and stays below that  down side target 795--775

Hexaware Technologies

HEXAWARE  (284) Resistance 290-295 But above that next upside target   310-315


HDFCBANK  (1037) - Support 1040-1025 But below that down side target 960-950

Axis Bank

AXISBANK   (558) - Posted on 30th Jan as " If any correction, down side support 520--490  above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 970-990 with in between resist at 645-665  and 720--740" As posted, it made high 654.90 on 04th March (that is , mentioned, in between resist of 645-645), from there,fall started, as on yesterday it made low 551.25. Now what next ?  Support 555-540 But  below that  down move continue to 510--490


ARVIND  (256) - Posted on 04th Feb as " Above 304,  face resist at 313-318 & 328-336"  After this post, it made high and resisted at 327 on 03rd March ,from there, fall started, and as on yesterday it made low 255.50. *** Now what next ? Strong Support 255--240 But in case trade below that,  then  fall continue to  210-200

Adani Power

ADANIPOWER  (46.10) - Posted on 20th Feb as " Resistance 58.80-60.90" As posted, it resisted at mentioned level , that is, it made high 60.15 on 05th March, from there,fall started, as on yesterday it made low 45.75.  Now what next ?  Support 45.75-44.65 But below that fall continue to 41.10-39.80