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NF (5284) - Already posted levels are remain same  that is below 5300-5280 next in down side 5220-5200 But in case trade and stays below that next down side target 5000-4970

Asian Paints

ASIANPAINT (410) - Posted on 01st Aug Support 500-490 but it broken the support on 05th aug and from there non stop fall to 412 and after a pull back up to 444  and once again made low 398 and  once again pull backed to 435 and now trading at  410 now what next ?  Once again Recent low  of 398 is Support  But trade and stays below 398-394 next in down side  382-380, 362-360 &  346-342

Allahabad Bank

ALBK (68.30) - Support level  70---65 and real up move, if it hold  above 75 only  But below the support then down side target 56-54  & 46-44