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Praj Industries Limited

PRAJIND (84.45) - Posted on 20th June about its macro view and macro target. Click here to see the post  When it was trading at 82 , it was posted, after that it made high 117 on 22nd July (not even attacked the mentioned very first upside target and resist of 120-130), from there it corrected up to 68.80 on 25th Aug, and as last Friday it closed at 84.45. All Mentioned levels are remain same and intact. that is...   Support 82--76 Strong Support 60---52 hereafter if not break this two supports then   ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 510-520 (On or before year 2019) in between resistance 120-130 , 210-220 and 265--285 ------ Note : If click the above posted stock logo, can get the posted stock details (including price data, fundamentals,financials and company profile ),  Credit : msn money.