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Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR  (759) - Posted on 27th Aug. as " Resistance 715--735 But trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 910--930" On the posted itself, it broken 715-735 and closed above that also , from there it went up to 772 on 25th Sept.  and gave correction and took support exactly at the mentioned level of 735-715 (made lowest low 714.20 on 13th Oct.) from there as of 23rd oct it made high 762.50.  ** Today Q2 Result  Now what next ?  Resistance 770-780 above that next upside target 825-835 and afterwards already mentioned ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  of 910-930 intact. ** Downside support 735-715 remain same.

Engineers India

ENGINERSIN  (266) -  Support 266--254 Above that Upside Target  296--308


CIPLA  (628) - Posted on 16th Oct as " Support 575--555" as posted it took support at 575 on 16th and 17th Oct. and ason 23rd Oct it made high 633.85.  Now what next ?  Resistance 630-650 But trade and stays above that  next upside target 706-726

Bharat Forge

BHARATFORG (768) -  See the post dated 30th Sept. Now hold above 750-730  go up to 830-850