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Pidilite Industries

PIDILITIND (300) - Posted on 04th April " Support 310-300, Above that upside target 333-343" As posted it attacked the mentioned target on 23rd April (made high  341), and from there fall started , up to yesterday it corrected up to 299.  now what is in ?  Support  310-300  but below that next    g ood supp ort exists a t 280-270 once again upside target  333-343  and afterwards Ultimate upside target 378-388

Selan Exploration Technology

SELAN (571) - Posted on 06th Feb " Hurdle 465-485, But above this level,  Target 715-735"  as posted, March month it broken the hurdle and moved up to 568 and in April once again came down and took support at 485-465 level, now once again moving up , till now made high 584 , so mentioned target of 715-735 is due.. now what is in , in between ?  trade above 570-560, next upside target 648-658 with in between resist at 592-602 

Tata Communications

TATACOMM (275) - Posted on 31st March "Face Last Resistance 317-327" as posted it made high 317.55 on 16th April (so perfect resistance), from there, fall started and once again came down to the support level of 275-265( in the last two trading session, trading at this level only, made lowest low 271). * This support level of 275-265, mentioned here, number of times in several posts. (from October 2013 on wards, mentioned this support) ** So now Once again support of 275-265 remain same  and once again up side resistance at 317-327 *** In case trade below 275-265, next  last hope exists at 255-250 But below that down side target 200-195 with in between support at  223-217