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Cosmo Films

COSMOFILMS (312.70) -   Posted on 05th Aug. 2015 as " Hurdle 174--194 But above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  320--340"  After this post, On 06th Oct 2015 it closed above the mentioned hurdle of 174-194 (that day, closed at 203.40) ,from their it went up to 318 on 06th Jan & after a correction once again yesterday it made high 321.90 . that means mentioned target of 320-340 attacked.  *** Now what next ?  so now top out is 320--340 if not broken then once again down side support 230-220  But in case now trade and stays above  this level then the next upside target 410--420 and best case 450--460 *** Below chart explain even better (click the chart to get the zoom view)