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Nucleus Software Exports

NUCLEUS (179) -  Make or Break level 170--180 If hold above that ready for mega break out  First target 199-209 and the Ultimate Upside Target 300-310

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (609) - Posted on 22nd Jan "Support 573-565" whereas on the posted date, it made low 576+ and from their, with in two days, it moved up to 612. Now what next ?  resistance 615-625 above that next resist at 650-660 above that next upside target 720---750

Tata Sponge Iron

TATASPONGE (405) - This month already it moved up more than 30 %  So Hurdle 406-426 But Two consecutive Positive Close above that ready for next big up move  for this Positional Upside Target 600-620 Down side support exists at 365--345