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NIFTY - Up Next

NIFTY (5551) - Posted on 09th April  "About turn from 5944 to 5560"   whereas last week it came down to 5444. now what next ? Timebeing low formed at 5444 now once trade and stays above 5600 next upmove upto 5755-5785 In case, If trade below 5422 then further fall to 5350 and afterwards 5200 Remind once again as posted on 07th March. This Qtr. (Apr. to June) Nifty is in sideways  mode only . So in this kind of market, can't expect big targets  Macro range is remain same ( 5200 to 6000)

SILVER - seems bottoming out for time being at $34_32

SILVER ($ 35.28)  -  As said in the above chart, posted on 30th April. Topped out at $49.82 and  expect vertical fall, down target $34_32.  The above said, vertical fall happened with in 5 trading session. (ie. from $ 48 to  $34). It was an once in life time opportunity. In silver, it happened  three decades ago (the year 1980) and   now the same thing happened once again. I don't know how many people, in the world,  gave this down target ($34_32)  when it was trading at $48. The thing is "The chart and the price is one but the difference is, how you read it" Now what next ? It seems time being it is bottoming out at $34_32 expect bounce back target $40_42  If it 2consecutive close below $32, then only next fall