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ACC (1430) - Posted on 01st April itself  and now, below is the  repeat of the same :  (as on last Friday it made high 1459.90) If hold above 1397-1377  then up move continue to 1540-1560 But below 1397-1377 can expect correction up to 1290-1270

Yes Bank

YESBANK (545) - Posted on 09th April " Support 424--408, If hold above that next upside target 536--549" Remind the Support and Target  on   21st April   and once again on  12th May also. * As posted exactly took support at the mentioned level (made lowest low on 404 on 16th April) Last Friday it made high 599 and closed at 545.  So mentioned target attacked,  that is from 408 to 549 (Almost 35% return, in less than two months) ** Now what next ?  Hurdle 535--565 But three consecutive positive close above that  ready for very big up move. ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  860--890 With in between resist at 705--725


ICICIBANK (1465) - Posted on 12th May " S upport 1360-1340, above that, as posted already,  Face Last Hurdle  1440-1480 But above that big break out going to pan out, if it happen, will post the mega upside target." * Last Friday it made high 1593 and closed at 1465 So now Three Consecutive Positive Close above 1440-1480 ready for a big up side  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 2640-2680 with in between resist at  1900-1940