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Gujarat Gas Company

GUJRATGAS  (770) - Posted on 02nd July as " Above 485--455  ready for big up move , ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 760--820 As posted, yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 760--820 Yesterday it made high 782.45 so now mentioned target and resist of 760--820  remain same.

Eros International Media

EROSMEDIA  (364) - On 12th Nov. Posted as " Support 280--265 above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  440--455" After this post, it went up to 370 on 05th Dec., from there, gave correction up to 318 on 17th Dec,  now once again moving up and yesterday it made high 372 So now above 365-375 mentioned upside target of 440--455  remain same and intact.