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VEDL (73.90) -   Posted on 31st Aug 2015 as " face resist at 116-121 and support once again at 82-78 but below that  down move continue to 62-58" After this post, it went up to the mentioned resistance of 116-121 (it made high 119.10 on 12th Oct.2015) from their, fall started and came down the mentioned down side target of 62-58 (it made low 60.35 on 03rd Feb 2016) and last Friday closed at  73.90. *** Now what is in ?  Down side support remain same at 62--58 above that upside target 85--95    &  once again top out 116--126 But now in case close below 62--58, then the next in down side 41--39 *** Below chart explain even better. (click the chart to see the zoom view)

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (475) - Hope and Support 470--450 If hold , then the upside target 563--583. But below that,  next down trend going to start. That take it down to 335--315

Steel Authority of India

SAIL (40.85) - In Aug.2013 , Lowest low was 37.60, from their, it moved up and topped out at 112.95 in June 2014 and this month, retested the 2013 low ,this time low 37.90 and last Friday closed at 40.85. *** Now what is in ? If not close below 37,  expect the uptrend target 56  &  69 in case close below 37,  then next in down side  28  & 15+