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Just Dial

JUSTDIAL (415.35) - Posted on 01st Feb. as " Now last hope  590-570 but below that  next in down side 400-380" After this post, on 01st Feb . it went up to 623.85, from their, on the same day itself, crashed up to 536 and closed at 567.45,  so closed below 570, that means break down close and  after that almost 4 days repeatedly made high 590 and yesterday it attacked the mentioned down side target ,made low 375.70 and closed at 415.35  that means from the break down point of 570 to  down target point of 380 (Rs.190  or  33% ) happened in 10 trading session.  *** What next ?  Now support exists at 410-380 above that  pull back target 570-590  &  908-938. *** But  trade and stays below 410--380 Down side target 220--200 and below that   Ultimate Downside Target  135--115 *** Below chart explain even better (click the chart to get the zoom view