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Tata Chemicals

TATACHEM (425) - As posted on 27th oct. it attracted selling presure at 444 from there it fallen to 421 also that to within two days. now what next ? today Q2 result. Last hope 417 but below that fall continue to 394_388. in between support at 406.

Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK (380) - On 22nd Oct. posted here, above 403 going to attack 425. on the result day 27th oct. exactly it attacked 425 (made a high 427) from there it crashed to 374. so it is clear topped out formation. Below 370, on going fall may continue upto 335-330 this may come with pullback or even without.

Varun Industries

VARUN (237) - Above 244_248. upmove to 271 and after that 285. Ultimate postional holding target 310 intact.

Yes Bank

YESBANK (359) - Below 363-365 come down to 345-343.