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A mail from a share holder to the management of INFOSYS

 Name : XXXXXXXXXXX  [Pan: xxxxxxxxxx] CDSL ClientID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx To, Ranganath D. Mavinakere Chief Financial Officer INFOSYS. Sandeep Mahindroo Financial Controller and Head – Investor Relations INFOSYS. AGS Manikantha Company Secretary INFOSYS. Dear Sir,  I am holding 100 shares of INFOSYS in the above demat account; so I am a shareholder of INFOSYS. There are so many talks in the media, after the Rs.16000 Cr buyback announcement from TCS and there are so many circulating stories or reports of uncertain or doubtful truths, and speculations in the media that our company (INFOSYS LTD) is also going to announce a similar kind of buy back of around