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In January 2018, when the NIFTY was made new high 11000+, most of the stocks were also performed well,  after that NIFTY corrected 10%,  after 6 months, now NIFTY came up to the same level of 11000+ in July 2018. So, as of now, NIFTY maintains the status quo Whereas, out of the active stocks listed in NSE, hardly 90 stocks only gave the positive return of 10% and above, between Jan 2018 to July 2018  But more than 1000 stocks underperformed and gave the negative return of 10% and above and in the worst part, out of it, more than 600 stocks down by more than 30% during this period, between Jan 2018 to July 2018.  *** More than 10% & above  positive return stocks list     STOCK IN % STOCKS IN ALPHABET RESPONIND 140% ABBOTINDIA 30% NELCO 102% ASIANPAINT 19% GSS 81% ASTRAL 28% IBVENTURES 72% ASTRAZEN 23% FSL 70% BAJAJFINSV 27% EXCELINDUS 68%