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Coromandel International

COROMANDEL (165) - Posted on 22nd June  as " bottom formed at 225 and now above 250-260  upside target 304-314" After this post it made high 255.95 on 29th June and broken the support of 225 on 11th Aug. from there, it fell down and touched the low of  151.70 on 29th Sept. and now at 165. *** It seems bottom formed  now up target 225--250 (some accumulation happened at the bottom)

Bliss GVS Pharma

BLISSGVS (196) -  Resistance 202-212 But above that  Upside target 272-282

Repro India

REPRO (370) - Regarding this stock, last update was on 06th Nov. 2011, when it was traded at 191, and said as " Hereafter Support 150-140  Ultimate upside target 573 It may happen on or before year 2014" Whereas, after this post, it made low 117.25 on 17th Oct.2013 from there, upside rally started and attacked the mentioned target,not in 2014,but in 2015 , touched high 610 on 19th May 2015.  That means, from low to high , it made 4 times in less than 2 years,  *** Now what next ?  Last Friday it touched low 365. It seems correction over (at most) Now hold around this level Pull back target 510 ** Below is the monthly chart  Click the chart to get the zoom view. Suppose correction continue, then next  strong support exists at 260-240