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Bajaj Electricals - POSITIONAL

BAJAJELEC (368) - Posted on 08th May " now trade above 320-325, at the best case it may go up and going to top out  345-355. But in case trade and stays above that ready for mega up move, If it happen, will post the mega target." Yesterday it made high 375 and closed at 368 Now two more close above  345-355 , ready for big up move  if the condition met, then 355--325 become support   and for this    ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 550--570

Aditya Birla Nuvo

ABIRLANUVO (1315) - Posted on 15th May " Above 1150-1170  next in upside 1250---1300 and shortly 1550--1600" As posted, it traded and stayed above 1150-1170 on 16th May and yesterday , not only attacked the  mentioned target of 1250-1300 but closed above that also.  ** so now support 1300-1250 Above the next upside target 1550-1600 remain same and intact.