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Stay hungry, not thirsty.

There’s a difference between hungry and thirsty, in business and in life. Hungry is a positive – it’s synonymous with striving and putting in extra time to work on things. It means getting started early and finishing late, going farther than others in the pursuit of a better outcome. It’s how virtually every success story begins, the catalytic effect that takes place whenever desire and commitment meet. Hungry means working quietly and focusing on one’s own improvement, often in the dark and with little fanfare until the finished product is ready. It’s good to be hungry. Thirsty is different. There’s nothing worse than being thirsty – even lazy and unambitious is preferable. Hungry people actually accomplish stuff before they speak on it. Thirsty people start from the premise that they already know better than everyone else, even before they accomplish anything. That they are worthy of adulation just by virtue of their having opened their mouth. It doesn’t work that way