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JAYAGROGN (205.50) - On 09th MAY  posted the below chart with out naming it and the following was the comment, click here to see that post.  Today ONE STOCK* formed a classical   "REVERSE SET SQUIRE" break out pattern. very shortly going to give return of   50% to 70 % from today's close.  CAN YOU FIND OUT ?  --------------------------------------- * purposely erased the name and price in the chart. *** 07th May posted chart   and the below is the same chart up to yesterday. now with name of the stock. *** Expecting, going to give 50 to 70 % ( that means 248--268) in coming days. from the posted date price of 158. But it already gave return of  more than 30 %  in less than 30 trading days. So for, it moved up from 158 to 208 . *** My privileged people got it on 09th May itself.