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Jet Airways (India)

JETAIRWAYS  (658)   Posted on 23rd Dec.2015 as " Immediate support exists at 613--593 and above that  marching towards 647 & 687 But above that ready for another mega up move   upside targets 820--840 ,  915--935  and ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 1160--1180" *** After this post, on 28th Dec it came down to 602  (mentioned support 613-593) , from their, it moved up and  made high 796 on 13th Jan (mentioned first target 820-840) but not met the mentioned target , from their corrected up to 608.30 on 18th Jan (once again took support at mentioned support level of 613-593  only) *** It seem this year low was already made at 608 on 18th Jan. So unless break and CLOSE below 610--590 Uptrend is intact.  Now the upside targets are slightly modified due to recent price movement.   ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET - 1160--1180  with in between resist at  830-850 , 925--945 & 1045--1065 *** Below chart explain even better

BF Utilities

BFUTILITIE (510) -  Now the meaningful support exists around 450--430.

Tata Elxsi

TATAELXSI (1713)-  So for, low was arrested at 1636 and consolidating in the last three days.  so now last hope and support 1660-1630 If stays above that  Pull back  target 1850-1880  & 1990-2020 *** But in case trade and stays below 1660-1630 next in down side 1380-1350 and  below that  ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 1030--970 *** Note : It seems major rally was over in this stock last year itself, so this year it is going to be give time correction but with wide swing. Lot of wide trading swing will be there and   will not be any meaningful rally unless major development in the company side.