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ESCORTS - In less than 7 Months , Absolute Return 233 %

ESCORTS  (366.70) - Below is the sum of  Post dated 28th Aug. 2015   said  as  Immediate support  150-140  Support  110-100 Between 245---285  are target and  resistance But above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  510--530 *** Once again reminded the above post on 20th October 2015 *** After this post, it made lowest low 112.80 on 12th Feb 2016 and   PRESENT TENSE is  Yesterday it made highest high 374.70 that means , absolute return of 2.33 times in less than 7 months.  Mentioned target of 510--530 will be the FUTURE TENSE at the same time  mentioned entry edge of 150-140 & 110-100 were the PAST  TENSE *** Can see its past 18 months performance in the below weekly chart  (Click the chart to get the zoom view)