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In the previous post of performed stocks list, sugar stocks are the top most gainers, in fact , it is not surprised one (at least for me) but  it was expected and  anticipated. Holding the sugar stocks in the last 10 years is not the matter but when the momentum starts after a long consolidation/congestion , whether we  bought and hold in this momentum is the matter because this is the cream, which must be capitalize  and we also know that these momentum can't sustain very long period also. The following text was sent as a mail to some of my privileged people  on 15th Nov. 2015 itself. The text starts with.... As for as Sugar stocks concerned, NSE alone almost 26 stocks listed. In general, there is no individual character for sugar stocks , all sugar stocks behave wholesome in up move and   in the same way, down move also they behave wholesome only. So the general pattern and movements are  look like PSU bank stocks.  In U.S., S ugar moved up from