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Walchandnagar Industries

WALCHANNAG  (132) - It seems, fall arrested and supporting at the crucial support level.  so now Support 132---112 *** Let us see after few months.....

Tata Chemicals

TATACHEM (396) - On 17th Nov 2014 itself posted about its ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET and it already gave signal for that also. now recently it corrected up to 372.  It seems correction over, so now support 395--370 Let us see after few months.... *** If hold above 395--370 Targets 440-460 , 525--545 , 650-670 and ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  770-800

Havells India

HAVELLS  (251) - Last hope and support 250--235 But Trade and Stays below that  Down side target 174--164

Essar Oil

ESSAROIL (195) -   Click here to see the last  post dated 06th July, regarding this stock,   Now, this is follow up   Resistance  190--210 But trade and stays above  then the  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 340--360