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"PAY PER CALL" Offer - First Call sent to the subscribers

Yesterday(20th April 2014) , we sent our first call  to the subscribers of   "PAY PER CALL" subscription Offer.  (sent SMS to their mobile also, regarding the mail) The stock name starts with "C"

Sasken Communication Technologies

SASKEN (219) - Regarding this stock, reminder post was posted on 02nd  Jan. and as posted Last Thursday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 225-235 (made high 226.30)  so it moved,  from the mentioned support level of 149 to target of 226  that is more than 50 % return with in 4 months time frame. ** Now trade and stays above 225-235,  ready for  mega up move. If it happen, will post the mega target....

Tree House Education & Accessories

TREEHOUSE (296) - Hurdle 300-310 But trade and stays above that Upside Target 380-390


VOLTAS (167) - Posted on 25th Feb. " Above 125 upside target 135-138, and afterwards 147-153, and hold above 147-153 Ultimate upside target 210-220" after this post, recently it went up to 173.50 on 11th April and on last Thursday it corrected up to 153+ and reversed from there,   sonow mentioned upside target of 210-220 remain same. now, in between resistance are  167-169 next  177-179 & 186-188

Yes Bank

YESBANK (417) - Already posted on 09th April itself, after this post, it went up to 455 and now corrected up to 404 that is now, it is in the support level only  so now support remain same at 408-428 and   above that already mentioned, upside target of  536--549 remain same in between resist at 502-507

Cairn India

CAIRN (368) - Posted on 01st April " Last resistance 335-345, But above that upside target 364-374" as posted on 01st April itself it broken the resistance of 335-345 and till last Thursday (17-04-14) it made high 372.60. so mentioned target attacked.  Now What next ?  Above 367-374  next upside target and  resistance 397-407 But above that ready for mega up side target.  if happen, will post the mega upside target.....