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NF (5533) - All levels remain same :  Resistance 5540-5560 ----  5620-5640 -----5710-5730 Below that down side target and support 5470-5450 and afterwards this round Ultimate down side target  5366-5342


WOCKPHARMA (1752) - Click here to see the all posts of this stock so from 500+ to 2100+ and the latest tweet was on 12th mar. and below is the screen shot. @ murugavell WOCKPHARMA as tweeted yesterday made high 2168 (tweeted on 08th mar. marching towards2150-2180) — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) March 13, 2013 Upward moment started on Jan 2012 and after 15 months continuous rise,  now the upward momentum come to an end in this April 2013. now what is in ?  Down side target  1668-1651  and afterwards   1520-1490 hereafter upside resist exists at 1825-1850