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NF (5257) -    No change in levels. Everything remain same :    Support   5200-5170 Resistance 5300-5330 and above that 5410-5440 But trade and stays below the above mentioned support level, then this round ultimate down side target 4940 & 4860  in between support at 5110-5080

Maruti Suzuki India

MARUTI (1342)  - As posted on 11th April It supported mentioned last hope and support  level of 1260 (made low 1262 on 11th Mar.) and from there it moved up and yesterday made high 1353. Now what next ? Resistance 1350-1370 But trade and stays above that up move continue to 1441-1467

Alstom Projects India

APIL (368) - Support 365-360 and trade above 372 then  upside target 387-394