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Ahmednagar Forgings

AHMEDFORGE  (355) - Already posted 02nd June 2014 and see the post Mentioned ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET OF 570-590 remain same. and beyond that even 710-730 also

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT  (492) - Posted on 09th Dec. as " Below 444 down side target 434-427 and 414--409 and  upside resist 468-475 As posted, , exactly it made low 427 on 18th Dec., from there it moved up and broken the resist of 468-475 also and as on last Friday it made high 497. Now what next ?  Resist 500-505 and last resist at 517-527 Above that upside target  618-628 But, above that,  this round  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 760--790