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HSIL (266) -   Posted on 06th July 2014 as " Support 260--240 Above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  410--430" After this post, it made lowest low 225.40 on 15th July 2014 and  it attacked the mentioned  target of 410-430 on 10th Oct 2014 itself (made exactly 424.40 ,from there corrected up to 331 in 17th Dec 2014 and after that  made new high 474.40 on 13th April 2015 , from there fall started and on 25th Aug it made low 236 so it corrected from 474 to 236 in the last 6 months that means 50% correction from the high.  now support 260--230 and worst case support 185-175

Swelect Energy Systems Limited

SWELECTS (371) -  In Feb 2015 it made high 688 and in Aug 2015 it made low 355 that means corrected almost 50% from the high. From here, may be another 20 % to 30 % fall may happen that means between 310--280 and potential  may be in times in next 3 to 6 years that means four digit figure,  Note : check the balance sheet and verify  the product & its  business model apart from the  business potential, along with news, round the corner, regarding this business in next 3 to 6 years. . 

NIFTY - an update

NIFTY (7982) - Tweeted on 10th Sept. Below is that embed :  NIFTY after today's trade , Now resist 7800-7850 but trade and stays above that next resist at 8050-8100 — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) September 10, 2015 After this tweet it broken the resist on 14th Sept. (on that date made high 7880 and closed at 7872) and on 15th Sept it corrected and took support at 7800 (when it was trading at that lower end once again tweeted , below is that emded )  NIFTY so for made low 7799.75 — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) September 15, 2015 yesterday , attacked the mentioned resist of 8050-8100 (made high 8055 and closed at 7982) As a micro view the levels are  Support 7850-7800 Resistance 8050-8100 *** Macro Levels are already posted on  03rd June   and  follow up post on  02nd Sept.