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Indian Oil Corporation

IOC  (348) - Posted on 16th Dec. as "  Last hope and support 320--305" After this post, it made low 316.35 on 17th Dec. that means, took support at the mentioned level, from there up move started , as on yesterday it made recent new high 349.40. Now what next ?  above 347-337 up move continue to 367--377


FDC (167) - Posted on 08th Dec as  Ready to move up.. Down side support 144-141 Upside resistance 166-172 But above that upside target 200-205" ** As on yesterday , it made high 174.40 and closed at 167.45 , so all mentioned levels are remain same and intact 


DLF  (167) -  Posted on 14th Jan as " Hope and support 132-128" after this post, it made low 132.40 on 14th Jan itself, that means,it supported at the mentioned support level,from there, up move started, as on yesterday it made high 168.75. *** Now what next ?  Hereafter support 166--154 Above that upside target 202--212

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (599) - Posted on 23rd Dec as " Face resist at 505-510 But above that  next upside target  545-550" Not only it attacked the mentioned target , now moved up to 602 also ** now what next ?  If any correction, down side support 520--490  above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 970-990 with in between resist at 645-665  and 720--740