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World Markets Update: Amazing, Post-Brexit Relief Rally

     The global relief rally following the Brexit selloff has been truly amazing. Over the past week the UK's FTSE soared 7.15%, the largest weekly gain of 2016 posted by any of the eight indexes on our world watch list. The other seven indexes logged weekly gains ranging from Germany's DAXK at 2.24% to Japan's Nikkei at 4.89%. A Closer Look at the Last Four Weeks The tables below provide a concise overview of performance comparisons over the past four weeks for these eight major indexes. We've also included the average for each week so that we can evaluate the performance of a specific index relative to the overall mean and better understand weekly volatility. The colors for each index name help us visualize the comparative performance over time. . Year-to-Date Performance Here is an overlay of the eight illustrating their comparative performance so far in 2016. Note the huge bounce, which reflects the post-Brexit vote relief rally.