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NIFTY (5409) - On 13 July, when it was trading at 5380 posted a picture message target 5545. whereas it took almost one and half month to reach the target and repeatly it attracted selling pressure at 5545 level for 4 days and from there now it corrected to 5400 also. Now What Next ? It seems timebeing topped out at 5550. So now 5550 is the topout resistance and in downside 5350 becomes the support but 2consecutive close below 5350 then it slide to 5150 and after that 5000. In case if it 2consecutive close above 5550 then 5645.

Polyplex Corporation - TARGET HIT

POLYPLEX (500) - On 07th Aug.2010 posted here for positional holding when it was trading at 360. Breakout 305 and target 518. whereas within three weeks it attained the target from 360 to 525. Ie. With in three weeks it gave 45% return.

Surya Pharmaceutical - TARGET HIT

SURYAPHARM (294) - On 14th Feb 2010 posted here for positional holdings, when it was trading at 150-160 range . above 177 target 307. whereas it break outed on April 2010 and last week attacked the target of 307 when it made a high 314. Ie., it gave 73% return in 4 months.