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BANKNIFTY (10082) - Posted on 01st Oct when it was traded at 9600 "Resistance 9750-9950 below that down move only but  in case trade and stays above 9750-9950 then only think about the upside target until then no need" whereas on 01st Oct itself, after making low 9583, reversal happened and on 03rd Oct it traded above  the mentioned resistance of 9750-9950 and went up to 10328 on 04th Oct. and yesterday it came down and took support at 9877. (so earlier resistance level of 9750-9950 now it becomes support).  now what is in ?  No change in levels  all earlier mentioned levels are remain same that is  Support 9950-9750 Above that upside target and resistance 10880-11025 But below the support down side target 8400-8200 ***** Note : In between the above mentioned  levels, it may zig zag it is nothing but noises. but based on the day movements(intra-day price and volume movement), Can or May capitalize 100----400 points it is up to the


ITC (340) - See post dated 19th Sep. Recent correction from the high  ended yesterday when it made low 332 support 335-330 and above that  once again up move started  upside target 374-384