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KAYA - even after more than a year, still, no improvement

KAYA (883) - Mailed more than a year before,  but till now no improvement STILL LYING @ 880+ Below is the email content *** Below the month chart  ***** PRICE ACTION 

APTECH - from 115 to 300 but it took a year, seems not yet matured

APTECHT  (313)   Identified when it was at 115 in August 2016,  now after a year, yesterday met the fixed target of 280--300. so from 115 to 300, that means more than 160% absolute  in a year  but still on. Seems, still not matured,  next orbit pinpointed and delivered yesterday. (Once attain the next orbit, will reveal it here) **** The first email sent on 22nd Aug. 2016 and  the second follow-up emailed on 08th Sept. 2016 below is the both email content *** Can see it in the below picture,  "how it behaved in the last one year" 

EMKAY - from 88 to 233 but it took 4 months

EMKAY (as of now @ 219+)  Identified on 23rd July 2016 when it was at 81+   and said as  "FACE RESIST 88--92  but above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 220--240 *** The said resistance had broken only on 28th April 2017 when it closed at 92.20 and today it completed the UUT of 220--240 today so for high 233 and now at 219+ so from 88 to 233  that means 160% absolute  with in 4 months  *** can see in the daily chart, "how it behaved in the last one year"

V2RETAIL - from 85 to 360, that too, in a year.

V2RETAIL (as of now at 340) -  As for as this stock concerned,    the first & formidable entry EDGE was 85--90 and   the meaningful target  360--380 **** V2RETAIL: When it was at 95 on 27th Aug.2016 sent an email and said as,   support 90--85   (after this email, almost 14 days hovering around 90--85 between 29th Aug. 2016 to 16th Sept. 2016)  SAID TARGET 360--380 today  made high 361.90 and now at 340+  ------------------------------ so from 85 to 362  that means 325 %, absolute return, that too, with in a year.  Because of one-year holding, now it will be going to be eligible for Long Term 0% Capital Gain tax also. **** The first email was sent on 27th August 2016 below is the content and the follow-up email was  sent on 10th October 2016  below is the content ------------------- Can see in the below picture,  How it behaved in the last one year 

UTTAMSUGAR --- from 35 to 209, still the journey continues...

UTTAMSUGAR (206) As for as this stock concerned, the journey started from the first & formidable entry EDGE of 35 on 01st April 2016 and as of now at 206,  already 4 extensions given and yesterday gave the 5th and the final extension.  From 35 to 209 means 5 X,   that too, in 16 months  but still not matured. *** This was the message dated back to April 2016  After 16 months, Can see its  price move in the below picture.  Since April 2016 to till now  *** As for as sugar sector concerned, The rally started from Oct.2015 onwards.  Already 2 legs of rally completed and  now the 3rd and final leg are going on... Probably, it may end between the second or third quarter of next year.  Think so, Let us see.


DHAMPURSUG (259)  Saw the first & formidable entry EDGE @ 90+ on March 2016  so for moved up less than 2 X only.  poor performance compares with peers.  but that was the past but now, can we expect ______? *** * purposely erased the ULTIMATE