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Colgate Palmolive (India)

COLPAL (1588) - Posted on 19th Aug. and said as " It seems bottomed out  so now trade above   1452-1472 upside target   1580-1600" After this post, on the posted date itself it broken 1472 and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target (yesterday made high 1594). ** Now what next ?  in case trade and stays above 1610  up move continue to 1670--1700

CEAT Limited

CEATLTD (776) - The latest move from 490 to 776 was not up dated in our website ,even though gave hint in the last two posts, because, This is the one the stock given to out PAY PER CALL  cash segment subscribers when it was trading at 520-490 levels in Aug. first Week . After this call , it was hovering around 520-490 more than 13 trading session,when some of subscribers lost their patience, i said, be patience and now that patience pays .  yesterday it was upper freeze at 776 so it is one of big hit. *** now what is in ?  Support 730-700 above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 970-1000

Asian Paints

ASIANPAINT (676) -   Posted on 20th June and said as " Support 560-550 Above that next upside target 664-684"  Yesterday it made high 680.85 so target attacked   in case trade above 684  target may extend up to 701-707


APOLLOTYRE (209) -  Resistance 217-223 But above that upside target  271-277