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NF (5125) - No change in levels : The target and resistance remain same at   5155-5185 In case trade above that optimum upside  5219-5222 Down side support remain same at 5060-5030

United Spirits

MCDOWELL-N (678) -  See post dated 23rd may "as posted below 605-610 it came down to the mentioned down side target of 550-540 (on 31st may in a single day from the high of 605 to low of 547) and  from there, reversal started  and as mentioned in the previous post (dated 21st May) "above 605-610 upside target 675-685"  upside target also attacked yesterday (made high 687) now what next ? Trade and stays above 690 up move continue to 732-742

Larsen & Toubro

LT (1350) - Posted on 06th June "Above 1240 upside target 1370" as posted, on 06th june itself,  it broken 1240 and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 1370 (made high 1371.60) now what next ? As posted  1360-1370  is the target and resistance or optimum possible  1397-1407 otherwise expect correction upto 1280-1270  & 1240-1220