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Adani Enterprises - Evening Special Update...

ADANIENT (469) - Posted on 10th Mar. " Now support 297-284, above that Ultimate Upside Target 455-468"   ** After this post, it made lowest low 301, not one time but two times(10th Mar. and 14th Mar.) and today, not only  attacked the mentioned upside target but went beyond that also  (made high 477.90 and closed at 469). So more than 55% move that to with in one month. *** Now what next ?  Support 468-446 As long as hold above that up move going to continue next upside target  540-560  and afterwards 660---720 and in case trade and stays below 468-446  down side support  400-390


NF (6835) - Last post regarding Nifty Future was on 10th March and after one month, now this is the reminder update and moreover,  there is no necessity to up date every day about nifty future, because  when we fixed support and target levels, these levels are valid, until or unless it violate or reach the mentioned levels.  Already posted on 10th March. itself, when it was trading at 6550. "hereafter immediate support exists at 6480-6460 and this round Ultimate Upside Target 6920-6940 & 6990-7010 "  After this post, it corrected up to the mentioned  support level of 6480-6460 (made low 6461.40 on 14th March), from there it is moving up  and as on yesterday it made high 6847. *** s o now mentioned upside target of 6920-6940 & 6990-7010  is remain same and intact. ***

Canara Bank

CANBK (285) - Resistance 290-300 But trade and  stays above that  Ultimate Upside Target 380-390 in between resist at 317-327

Bank of India

BANKINDIA (240) - Resistance 245-255 But trade and stays above that  Ultimate Upside Target 337-347 in between resist at 285-290

Bank of Baroda

BANKBARODA (792) - Posted on 01st April "Resistance 755-765 above that ready for next up move" yesterday it made low 755 and made high 797 now what next ?  Support 765-755 and worst case 720-710 above that Ultimate Upside Target 900--925