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Aurobindo Pharma - Target Attacked - Evening Special Update...

AUROPHARMA (471) - Posted on 11th Nov.2013, when it was traded at 260 , "Top out 275-285 But above that Positional Upside Target 470-480". As posted, Break out happened on the last week of  Nov.2013 and today mentioned upside target of 470-480 ATTACKED (today it made high 477.75).CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST. Actually, the above was a continuation post, dated 30th Sept.2013 . Original break out happened at 210 in Oct.2013 itself and today it completed the Ultimate Upside Target. So it moved up from 210 to 477,that means 127% return, that to, with in 4 months. This kind of big opportunity, particularly in F&O Stocks, (big up move in a very short span of time)comes once in a while.  It happened in this stock,  Not only, I identified it, but posted here also in simple Language. Now i want the feedback from the readers/traders of this website.  How many of you capitalized this big up move, based on this post ? Please send your feed ba