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Pidilite Industries

PIDILITIND  (563) - Already bottom formed  So now support 520-510 and now trade and stays above 565-570 upside target 610  & 635-645 and above that   750--765


LUPIN  (1841) - Resistance 1840--1870 But above that  upside target 2035--2075

Kaveri Seed Company

KSCL  (763) - Bottom out target 735---675 But in case trade and stays below that  down side target 440---310

KEC International

KEC (129) - Posted on 05th July 2014 and now once again remind the post with slight change in the levels. Target and  Resistance  146--156 but above that  next  upside target and hurdle 190--210 in case trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 350--365

Bajaj Auto

BAJAJAUTO (2544) - Posted on 16th Jun as " Resistance 2340-2360 But  trade and stays above that  Upside target 2515-2535"  As posted, it broken the mentioned resist of 2340-2360 on 16th June itself (that day it closed at 2391) and Last Friday , not only , attacked the mentioned upside target of 2515-2535 but went up to 2554 and closed at 2544. now what next ?  . trade and stays above 2535-2515 up move continue and going to top out   2635----2695

Aegis Logistics

AEGISCHEM  (817) - See the post dated 10th April , as posted,one round of up move from 465 to 745 already completed in April itself and after two months , now,  again it is in next upmov e Now what is in ?  Support 810--790 Above that  next upside target 970--990