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HEG - a review.

HEG (1664) -  This stock was identified,  when it was at 300+ in June 2017,  within 5 months it moved from 302 to 2099,  that means 7 times.  and now corrected up to 1664  that means 20% fall from the high.  In the media, nowadays, so many talking/writing  going on about this sector  and about this company. Most of these are only noises,  of course, it is natural  When one is moved up,  that too, this much of big rise ( 7 times).  and within the shortest period (5 months)   price and time corrections are obvious,  and it is warranted also.   Cannot come to a conclusion that,  the game over.  still, it is on... *** Identifying a stock at its early stage is more important to make,  most out of it. Since June 2017,  repeatedly covered 14 times regarding this stock,  whoever entered at 300+ or even 600+, the present correction is not at all a worry some,  (that too, if followed the 11th follow-up out