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in the last one month...

From July first week to now, can see a lot of improvement in sentiments. Mostly, people concentrate either technical &/or fundamental but ignore the sentimental, the fact is,  it plays the major role in the market but nobody has the sentimental data. Who going to reverse the sentiment & when will it change, remains suspense. — Murugavel (@murugavell) July 3, 2018 From July starting onwards, day by day, the new low set of category decreasing and new high category slightly increasing - sentimental indicator! — Murugavel (@murugavell) July 10, 2018 In the last one month,  120 stocks gave 20% & above  positive return  STOCKS in % wise % STOCKS in ALPHABET %  ADANIGREEN 165.09% 20MICRONS 21.65% ARROWGREEN 126.72% 3MINDIA 22.48% ADANIPOWER 100.00% ABFRL 22.50% ADANIENT 86.49% ACE 23.44% MONNETISP