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BEML - already 10 X done & now need another 10 X

BEML (1547) - This is one among of the best stock, behaving perfectly & repeatedly, from the very first post dated 11th June 2012, since then, gave 4 follow-up post and that was also summarized in the post dated 30th June 2014 *** Please click the below link to see the summarized post, dated 30th June 2014 *** As per post dated 05th Oct 2013, Perfectly and repeatedly  took support at the mentioned support level of 166 in the whole month of Oct. 2013,  from there,  already it made high 1612 on July 2015  and corrected up to 771 on Nov 2016 and now trading at 1547.  So already it has done 10 X  (from 166 in Oct. 2013  to 1612 in July 2015  that means within 2 years) But our UTMOST ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 3550-3650 Whenever it reaches this target,  it will be a 20 X performer, of the mentioned support level of 166.  Already told in that post itself,  expect 3550-3650 o