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Dabur India

DABUR (178) - Posted on 22nd August " On going fall going to arrest at 144-139 " as posted on the same day itself it made low 142.70, not only, fall arrested, but from there upward journey started and as on yesterday it made high 179.80. now what next ?  Support 174-166 and trade and stays above 178-182 short term upside target 210-214

Century Textiles & Industries

CENTURYTEX (283) - Above 275-270 ready for big up move  even though it may face resist at 290 & 300 but it is marching towards 330-335 & 370-380

Berger Paints (I)

BERGEPAINT (231) - Readying for a big up move But before that it have to face two resistance  one at 235-240 and above that 255-260 In case trade and stays above that, then it become support, for this, upside target 325-330 in between resist at 283-288