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Almost all the listed PSU Banks Macro Levels were posted here on   10th Dec.2015  SOME MACRO LEVELS OF PSU BANKS - PART 1    and 11th Dec.2015 SOME MACRO LEVELS OF PSU BANKS - PART 2 Out of it, in the last one month, some banks were already met the mentioned macro levels and some are on the way to meet the mentioned macro levels.  Now it is time to see the macro levels of  some of listed Private Banks. *** AXISBANK (374) Already posted on 13th Aug 2015 itself "below 515-505 down side target 400-380, but yesterday ,it closed even below that also. Now what next ?  Now, below 400-380  next in down side 336--303 and worst case 270--260 *** HDFCBANK  (1042) - Below 1040 next in down side 986---943 But below that   ultimate down side 770-750 with in between  support at 865-850. *** HDFC (1150) - Last hope and support 1150--1090 But below that 950-920 & 845-825 *** ICICIBANK (224) - Below 245-255 next in down side 190--180 But below that 140--125. *