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NF (5082) - For Aug. expiry also the levels are remain same : (fortunately yesterday aug. series nifty future made low 5070 and high 5148) Support 5090-5070 Resistance 5150-5175 Below the support take it down to 5030-5010 Above the resistance, upside 5225-5250

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1002) - Posted on 11th July "RESISTANCE 1075-1085" as posted exactly it resisted at 1081 on 11th july itself and from there it fell down and yesterday made low 997 what next ? Now Support 1000-990 but if trade below that,  then  fall continue to 952-942

Aban Offshore

ABAN (359) - Posted on 9th July "RESISTANCE 425-430 AND BELOW THAT DOWN SIDE TARGET 385-375" as posted it resisted at 430 not one time but three times (11th,13th and 16th july) and from there it attacked the mentioned down target of 375 on day before yesterday and yesterday even it came down to 355 also.  what next ? Now support 355-345 expect pull back But trade and stays below that,  then fall continue to 320 and afterwards 300-290