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Kalpataru Power Transmission

KALPATPOWR  (185) - Posted on 25th June and still it is in the mentioned the resistance level only so now repeat the same post once again. Resistance 182--192 but above that upside target 245---268 and trade above that ready for big up move if happen, will post the next upside target.


HDFCBANK   (918) - Posted on 10th March as " Hurdle 725-750 But trade and stays above that upside target 920-945" It decisively broken the hurdle of 725-750 on 09th May (closed at 756.80) and yesterday attacked the  mentioned target of 920-945 (made high 934)  It is just 25% only but it took 6 months to attack this target. *** Below is the chart and its performance click the chart below to get the zoom view.

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation

DHFL  (419) - Resistance 425--435 But trade and stays above that  Upside target  542--552 and afterwards  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 590--605

Castrol India

CASTROLIND  (447) - Resistance 448-458 But trade and stays above that  upside target  495-505

Alstom India

AIL (595) - Resistance 595-615 But above that upside target  720---750