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VEDL   (136.35) - Posted on 23rd June as "  Last hope and  support  172-167 But trade and stays below that  down side target 140--134" After this post, it broken the mentioned support of 172-167 on 06th July and yesterday it made low 135.80  what next ?  Now, in case, Trade below 140-134 next down side target 121-116 and below that  ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 82-78

Tata Steel

TATASTEEL  (275) - Posted on 05th June as " Below 310-320 ready for next round of fall  Ultimate Down side Target 240-230 with in between support at 280-275" After this post, it made highest high 316.70 on 23rd June and yesterday it attacked the mentioned in between target of 280-275 (made low 273.85)  so now stays below 275-280 Ultimate Down side target of 240-230 is remain same.

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (805) -   Posted on 05th June as "  Hope and Support 815--785" After Q1 result, yesterday it crashed by 15% , made low 795 so mentioned support of 815-785 remain same But two close below 785-775 next down side target and support  657-637


INFY  (1112) - Posted on 09th July as " Support 955--940 But below that  Down side target  885--865" Whereas it came down to 932.65 on 09th July ,from there, up move started , after yesterday Q1 results it zoomed to 1149. Now what next ?  next target and resistance  1204-1234 But above that  1325-1355