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Welcome SAMVAT 2074 - What will going to bring this year? & How much ?

The latest from the mouth of The BIG,   a proved individual in any parameter in the present period. An edited verbatim transcript  The story of the financial savings getting huger and huger or large part of the savings in the household sector being invested in equity has just started. A growing economy like India with reasonably good corporate governance practices, tax-free, I think India will grow nominal gross domestic product (GDP) at 12 percent. I see no way that Indian equity will not give you a return of 15 percent. Now you tell me one investment that I can sit in my office, have a liquid investment, borrow at very fine rates and get a 15 percent return. I do not see many investment opportunities like that. So by my sheer common sense, I feel that this money is going to continue and I think this is not even a flood, it is going to be a flood and it is going to be a tsunami. In America, investment in mutual funds in equity, mutual funds went up from USD 162 billi