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Saregama India

SAREGAMA (314) - Hope and support 330-300 But trade and stays below that  Ultimate Downside Target 192--182



Cantabil Retail India

CANTABIL (70) -  After almost 9 months consolidation , now the price movement shows next round of operation is getting ready for another  up move. Now resistance 77--83 but thereafter   potential  upside  102--114 *** Rs.115 Cr. Mar. Cap. company.  Is it real turn around story ? or  Exploiting the recent micro cap. craziness ! *** Came out IPO and collected 105 Cr in Oct. 2010 (issue price 135) until then showed profit but after wards in another three years (between 2011-12 to 2013-14) showed or incurred loss of 67 Cr. and last year showed some profit. During this period, price came down from 125 to 15 , hovering around this price until 2014 first quarter and now at  70+ *** Below chart explain even better  (click the chart to get the zoom view) *** Note : Each and every stock movement will have  some kind of beautiful or ugly story behind it. Understand the undercurrent. Always, Price is the Prime.