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"He has an insatiable hunger to grow bigger and bigger,"

Dilip Shanghvi  -     India’s second-biggest   after  Dhirajlal Hirachand   Dhirubhai   Ambani   When Dilip Shanghvi wants something, he has a track record of getting it.  One executive, Srinivas Lanka, recalls the founder of Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. calling more than 100 times over three years with a job offer two decades ago. Shanghvi was setting off on an acquisition-fueled strategy to transform his small generic drugmaker into an industry powerhouse, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. In the end, Shanghvi won over Lanka, who agreed to leave his job at global pharma giant Novartis AG and sign on as the executive director in charge of Sun’s Indian business in 1996, staying until 1999. "A lot of entrepreneurs used to call me, but not many had this kind of fire in their belly," said Lanka. "I thought this guy has some different blood in him." That kind of relentless drive has helped make Sun India’s biggest drugmaker and bes

Same gesture & Same growth !

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